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Heard of MOJO?

Hello, my name is Jevonne McRae, one of the founding members of Mojo Education. Mojo was birthed out of my passion for diversity and inclusion and a core belief that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. As a girl of color growing up in rural South Carolina, it was disheartening for me to go into our local toy store and not see toys that looked like me. My self-worth in these formative years was shaped in part by images I saw in classrooms — puzzles, wall decorations, and books — that did not represent my skin tone or hair texture. These deep-seated feelings propelled me over the years to make diversity and inclusion my life’s calling. I truly believe that the achievements of our littlest learners are tied to the way they see themselves. My primary goal is to design and produce resources that build the confidence and self-esteem of children from all backgrounds.

For more than 13 years, the team at Mojo has provided resources to numerous educational companies across the US and Canada, and we continue to grow our offerings. Mojo products are used by everyday heroes who work to ensure all children feel good about who they are and what they can accomplish. As the owner of Mojo and one of the founding partners, you have my guarantee that we will provide you with quality products and content, and we will be open and available to talk about difficult subjects through training, webinars, or a simple phone call.

Welcome to Mojo! Our team looks forward to serving your team of educators as we all build stronger children in hopes of a brighter tomorrow.



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